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[texts]Using Pyrolyzed Carbon Black (PCB) from Waste Tires in Asphalt Pavements: Part II, Asphalt Binder, and Test Road : Final Report - Zeng, Yongdong
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-95/12; Project C-36-55L, File No. 2-12-13
Downloads: 2,011
[texts]Dynamic Cone Penetration Test to Assess the Mechanical Properties of Subgrade Soil : Final Report - Luo, Xiadong
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-98/13; Project C-36-45N, File No. 6-18-13
Downloads: 1,251
[texts]Pavement Drainage and Pavement-Shoulder Joint Evaluation and Rehabilitation : Final Report - Ahmed, Zubair
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-93/02-2; Project C-36-15J, File No. 6-9-10
Downloads: 1,257
[texts]Retarders for Concrete and Their Effects on Setting Time and Shrinkage : Interim Report - Yamamoto, Yasuhiko, 1943-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/51; Project C-36-47L, File No. 4-6-12
Downloads: 1,219
[texts]Stabilization of Slopes Using Piles : Interim Report - Hassiotis, Sophia
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/08; Project C-36-36O, File No. 6-14-15
Downloads: 210
[texts]Subgrade Resilient Modulus for Pavement Design and Evaluation : Final Report - Lee, Woojin
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-92/23-1; Project C-36-52N, File No. 6-20-14
Downloads: 546
[texts]A Study of Diagonal Tension Failure In Reinforced Concrete Beams : Final Report - Harvey, William N.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/24; Project C-36-56J, File No. 7-4-10
Downloads: 494
[texts]Laboratory Investigations on Latex-Modified Concrete : Final Report - Diamond, Sidney
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-89/15-1; Project C-36-19H, File No. 5-5-8
Downloads: 424
[texts]Second Phase Study of Change in In-Service Asphalt, Vol. 1 of 2 - Main Report : Final Report - Galal, Khaled A.
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-99/07-I; Project C-36-55K, File No. 2-12-11
Downloads: 75
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Madison County, Indiana : Final Report - Shurig, D. G. (Donald G.)
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-68/25; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-28-49
Downloads: 184
[texts]An Investigation of the Final Construction Record Procedure for the Indiana State Highway Commission : Final Report - Bigane, Anne Marie
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-81/09; Project C-36-67K, File No. 9-11-11
Downloads: 135
[texts]Application of Statistical Quality Control Procedures to Production of Highway Pavement Concrete : Technical Paper - Hanna, Steven John
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-66/03; Project C-36-67B, File No. 9-11-2
Downloads: 250
[texts]Design of Low Volume Roads - Yoder, Eldon J. (Eldon Joseph)
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-74/11; File No. 6-17
Downloads: 298
[texts]Use and Design of Acceleration and Deceleration Lanes in Indiana : Technical Paper - Jouzy, Neddy Costandy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-63/03; Project C-36-17V, File No. 8-4-22
Downloads: 85
[texts]Development of Asphaltic Concrete Overlay Design Procedure for Rigid Pavements in Indiana : Final Report - Pumphrey, Norman D. (Norman Dean)
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-89/14-1; Project C-36-55C, File No. 2-12-7
Downloads: 607
[texts]Determination of Atterberg Limits Using Moisture Tension Methods : Technical paper - Gadallah, Ahmed Atef
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/31; Project C-36-5I, File No. 6-6-9
Downloads: 134
[texts]Behavior of Mucks and Amorphous Peats as Embankment Foundations : Executive Summary - Crowl, Timothy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-87/02; Project C-36-5P, File No. 6-6-16
Downloads: 365
[texts]Predicting Performance of Pipe Culverts Buried in Soil, Phase 1 : Interim Report - Leonards, G. A. (Gerald A.); Roy, Mihir Baran
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-76/15; Project C-36-62F, File No. 9-8-6
Downloads: 99
[texts]Factors Affecting the Determination of Density and Moisture by Nuclear Radiation Techniques : Progress Report - Witczak, Matthew W.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-63/18; Project C-36-16E, File No. 6-10-5
Downloads: 95
[texts]Airphoto Interpretation of Engineering Soils of Interstate Route I-65: Newton, Jasper, White and Tippecanoe Counties, Indiana - Yeh, P. T. (Pao-Tai), 1920-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/17; Project C-36-51E, File No. 1-5-5
Downloads: 100
[texts]Evaluation of Bituminous Mixtures Using the Gyratory Testing Machine : Final Report - Kumar, Arun
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/18; Project C-36-63B, File No. 2-4-28
Downloads: 81
[texts]Storage, Retrieval, and Statistical Analysis of Indiana Shale Data : Interim Report - van Zyl, Dirk Jacobus Albertus
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-77/11; Project C-36-5L, File No. 6-6-12
Downloads: 78
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 115 : Interim Report - Van Wijk, Adriaan J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-82/03; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 53
[texts]Fly Ash Concrete for Highway Use : Final Report - Diamond, Sidney
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-88/08-1; Project C-36-19G, File No. 5-5-7
Downloads: 219
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 124 : Traffic Report - Cochran, David L.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-91/06; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 182
[texts]Significance Of Layer Deflection Measurements : Technical Report - Walker, Richard David
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-62/02; Project C-36-52C, File No. 6-20-3
Downloads: 74
[texts]Pavement Drainage and Pavement Shoulder Joint Evaluation Numerical Analysis of Infiltration and Drainage in Pavement Systems : Final Report - Espinoza, Reynaldo David
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-93/02-1; Project C-36-15J, File No. 6-9-10
Downloads: 116
[texts]Prediction and Control of Field Swell Pressures of Compacted Medium Plastic Clay : Interim Report - Terdich, Gregory Matthew
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-81/04; Project C-36-5M, File No. 6-6-13
Downloads: 52
[texts]Relationship of Highway Development and City Development for Non-Metropolitan Places in Indiana : Final Report - Yamin, Hadi
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-79/18; Project C-36-32V, File No. 1-4-22
Downloads: 85
[texts]Behavior of Mucks and Amorphous Peats as Embankment Foundations : Final Report - Crowl, Timothy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-87/02; Project C-36-5P, File No. 6-6-16
Downloads: 521
[texts]The Development of a Highway Revenue Forecasting Model for Indiana : Final Report - Varma, Amiy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-91/05-1; Project C-36-73J, File No. 3-4-11
Downloads: 375
[texts]STABL User Manual: a Description of the Use of STABL's Programmed Solution for the General Slope Stability Problem - Siegel, Ronald A.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-75/09; Project C-36-36K, File No. 6-14-11
Downloads: 348
[texts]Pile Design Based on Cone Penetration Test Results : Final Report - Salgado, Rodrigo
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-99/08; Project C-36-45O, File No. 6-18-14
Downloads: 1,101
[texts]Changing Characteristics of High Accident Drivers over a Five Year Period : Final Report - Goodson, John Earl
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/29; Project C-36-15O, File No. 8-5-15
Downloads: 299
[texts]THE GCARS System Fortran IV Programmers Manual, Part C - Programs for Contour Mapping : Final Report Part 3 C - Turner, A. Keith, 1941-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-69/27; Project C-36-72A, File No. 1-6-1
Downloads: 89
[texts]Potential Use of Tire Rubber and Ebonite in Asphalt: Synthesis Study : Final Report - Kaya, Abidin
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-92/14-1; Project C-36-50M, File No. 2-4-38
Downloads: 54
[texts]Impact of Kokomo By-Pass from 1950-1964 : Technical Paper - Evans, Eugene G.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-65/16; Project C-36-64A, File No. 3-5-1
Downloads: 38
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 90 : Progress Report - Law, Wing-Kwong
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/11; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 80
[texts]Hydraulics of Bridges : Informational Report : Progress Report - American Society of Civil Engineers. Hydraulics Division. Hydraulic Structures Committee. Task Force on Hydraulics of Bridges
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/23; File No. 9-8-2
Downloads: 135
[texts]A Regional Approach to Highway Soils Considerations in Indiana: Informational Report - Sisiliano, William J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-70/18; File No. 6-1
Downloads: 51
[texts]Airphoto Interpretation of Engineering Soils of Owen County, Indiana : Final Report - Yeh, P. T. (Pao-Tai), 1920-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-66/11; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-28-39
Downloads: 46
[texts]Cost Reduction and Increased Efficacy of Growth Retardant Mixtures for Vegetation Management along Indiana Roadsides : Final Report - MorreĢ, D. James, 1935-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-88/02-1; Project C-36-53K, File No. 9-5-11
Downloads: 40
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 101 : Interim Report - Toft, Graham S., 1942-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-77/16; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 66
[texts]An Analysis of Travel Conditions on the U.S. 52 Bypass in Lafayette, Indiana - Treadway, Theodore B.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-65/32; Project C-36-66C, File No. 8-7-3
Downloads: 68
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 88 : Progress Report - Hejal, Salim Said
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-70/21; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 34
[texts]Studies of Highway Impact in Indiana: Progress Report No. 2, Early Effects of a Portion of Interstate 65 - Fletcher, Joseph A.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-61/18; Project C-36-64B, File No. 8-5-2
Downloads: 61
[texts]Development of an Overlay Design Procedure for Flexible Pavements in Indiana : Final Report - Lindly, Jay K.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-87/09-1; Project C-36-55G, File No. 2-12-7
Downloads: 138
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Hancock County, Indiana : Final Report - Gefell, E. M.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-83/11; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-71
Downloads: 60
[texts]History of the Interstate System in Indiana: Volume 4 - Chapters VII and VIII: Cost, Funding and General Benefits : Final Report - Ripple, David Alan
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-75/29; Project C-36-64H, File No. 3-5-8
Downloads: 59
[texts]Engineering Soils Map of Lawrence County, Indiana : Final Report - Adams, Francis T.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/07; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-66
Downloads: 201
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